Over the last 12 years as a product marketing leader, I've taken products from cradle to scale at early-stage startups, scale-ups, and established tech companies. Founders, heads of marketing, and heads of sales count on me when they need strategic thought partnership and hands-on execution.

Companies that have trusted me

Whether I'm guiding a cross-functional team or acting as the sole getter-done of things, I take a very collaborative approach, ensuring we're aligned on what success looks like, collecting feedback early and often, and communicating every step of the way.

Key questions I can help answer: All 6 components of a marketing plan

1. Target audience

2. Positioning and messaging

3. Core content

4. Channels

5. Conversion

6. Retention

How I can help plan and execute a scalable marketing plan

1. Research: Finding strong answers to the right questions

2. Strategy: Turning insights into actionable, repeatable growth plans

3. Execution: Getting things done. Fast.

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