Over the last 12 years as a product marketing leader, I've taken products from cradle to scale at early-stage startups, scale-ups, and established tech companies. Founders, heads of marketing, and heads of sales count on me when they need strategic thought partnership and hands-on execution.

My strengths include building internal relationships, driving initiatives from A-to-Z, and quickly adapting to the needs of the business.

Companies that have trusted me

Whether I'm guiding a cross-functional team or acting as the sole getter-done of things, I take a very collaborative approach, ensuring we're aligned on what success looks like, collecting feedback early and often, and communicating every step of the way.

Key questions I can help answer

Growing pipeline and closing deals takes planning. You need to plot how you're going to take a potential buyer from unaware to closed-won. To accomplish that, I help startups methodically build and execute a marketing plan, which is made up of 6 key components.

Let's dive into each component. If you're looking for better answers to one or more of the questions below, we should at least have an intro chat.

1. Target audience

2. Positioning and messaging

3. Core content

4. Channels

5. Conversion

6. Retention

How I can help

Product marketing is a critical part of any well oiled marketing engine. I can lead or help plan a scalable marketing plan from end to end. My range of capabilities include strategic planning and research, messaging and content creation, through to hands-on execution.

1. Research: Finding strong answers to the right questions

2. Strategy: Turning insights into actionable, repeatable growth plans

3. Execution: Getting things done. Fast.

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