Marketing is like parenting

Much like your kids, your target buyers don't expect perfection or grand performances. No one expects you to have all the right answers, take all the right actions, and look like a hero.

Instead, more than half the battle is just showing up: being at the right place at the right time more often than not—that's what counts.

When faced with a choice between...

A) Showing up for your audience every 1-2 quarters with a high-impact initiative and all the bells and whistles perfectly coordinated


B) Showing up weekly with only the 80%, 60, or even 20% that adds the most value each time

...choose B more often.

✨ A recent customer quote sums up why:

“I have a bias for vendors who show up and look like they're active in their category. This tells me they're here to stay and have a reputation to protect. I trust those vendors more because I feel like they'd have something to lose if I'm not happy.”

Recency and frequency are immense tools for establishing trust, reputation, and influencing buying decisions. Don't let the pursuit of perfection or splashy marketing get in the way.