I turn B2B products into must-haves by connecting them with the pains, priorities, and workflows of a specific market.

That's what I do. I seek to understand how a product works and how customers buy so I can tell the story of why anyone should care. For over 10 years, I've helped LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, Amazon, and eBay grow sales by launching new products, making them easy to understand, compelling, and memorable.

Most products start life as a nice-to-have for B2B buyers. My job is to make them a must-have. Achieving that takes a fun mix of art and science, to connect products with the pains and priorities of a specific market. When I have some free time, I enjoy writing about the tools I use to do my work: research, messaging, and strategic planning.

After long stints in Vancouver and Silicon Valley, I now live in San Diego. My past positions include the vp of product marketing at Udacity, head of product marketing at 15Five, and director of product marketing at Emplify (acq'd by 15Five).

You can reach me via Email, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Or stay in touch by Subscribing to my posts.


Our confidence level with how to grow our business went way up after working with Jehan. We believed in our product but didn’t know how to find the right message and positioning for the market we wanted to go after. Jehan gave us a framework that we can use, worked closely with us to take every step, and made sure we got closer to our goal week after week. The next time we enter a new market or expand our product line, we’re going to use the exact same system to figure out and execute our sales and marketing strategy.

—Andrei & Lisa, co-founders of VC-backed Cartloop

I love watching Jehan interview my potential customers. He knows exactly how to uncover what my prospects really care about and what triggers a buying decision. My business operates in a competitive market, so I’ve invested in a fair number of tools, books, and courses to learn how to understand my customers. But nothing beats seeing and working with a professional with years of experience in this field.

After just the first customer interview, I learned more about how to differentiate my business and how to position it than all the books and courses combined. The best part is that what I learned was so easy to act on! I started making changes to my marketing probably even before I should have, and I started seeing more inquiries and conversions almost immediately.

—Andy, founder of Pixel True

I worked with Jehan to validate my app for designers and figure out if I was on the right track. I was amazed by how many rich insights Jehan was able to get out of every interviewee. We learned everything from what mattered and what didn't, and why. As promised, I walked away with a much clearer picture of who I should build my app for and what problems it needs to solve, and finally, how to message and position my app for my target audience. I fully intend to work with Jehan again and highly recommend him.

—Hermann, founder of Pantram

Jehan helped me go from a rather lousy landing page to amazing content, flow, and actually telling the story of the product. All the ideas in my head about the product were put in place, and the vision was clarified. If I launch another product in the future, I won't think twice about working with Jehan again.

—Donnie, founder of BuildBasis

Jehan was a delight to work with; he was able to refine my own ideas and thoughts into a laser-focused core value prop. He then designed my narrative around that value prop, targeted to a specific audience. I was extremely happy from the start of the project all the way to final delivery! Flawless execution!”

—Tuomas, founder of TinyVoucher