I turn B2B products into must-haves by connecting them with the pains, priorities, and workflows of a specific market.

That's what I do. I seek to understand how a product works and how customers buy so I can tell the story of why anyone should care. For over 10 years, I've helped LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey, Amazon, and eBay grow sales by launching new products, making them easy-to-understand, compelling, and memorable.

Most products start life as a nice-to-have for B2B buyers. My job is to make them a must-have. Achieving that takes a fun mix of art and science, to connect products with the pains and priorities of a specific market. When I have some free time, I enjoy writing about the tools I use to do my work: research, messaging, and strategic planning.

After long stints in Vancouver and Silicon Valley, I now live in San Diego and I'm currently the head of product marketing at 15Five.

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