Prospects vs. existing customers

SaaS marketing teams often struggle to find a balance between creating value for prospects vs. existing customers.

Most exec teams emphasize new customer acquisition, leaving teams focused on creating value for existing customers, such as Customer Success and Customer Marketing, feeling like they come second. And, Product Marketing gets stuck between creating messaging and content for prospects vs. existing customers.

But consider this: Prospects often respond well to content created for existing customers.

In other words, prospects want to know...

Using materials like the examples above, I've seen sales reps close deals and win against more feature-rich competitors.

Paraphrased from closed-won interviews, I've heard...

“[Your company] felt like the safer bet because you showed us the amount of support and expertise we'd get beyond technical support. The tech is great but still needs hands-on planning and initiative to succeed.”

If you're tired of having to choose between new and existing customers, try creating content for existing customers and repurposing that content for prospects across various channels. The storytelling possibilities are endless, and the results may open some eyes ✨